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Leadership Skills and Style Development

Leadership Skills and Style Development (LSSD) is a three-day skill building and interactive workshop designed for front-line leaders, mid-level leaders (supervisors, team leaders, managers, etc), and area and functional managers.  LSSD trains leaders in a system and progression of skills, practices and tools aimed at increasing employee engagement, development, proficiency and ownership.  This program is a great match for leaders who work in lean or continuous improvement cultures.

The three critical areas of focus include:

  • Work Unit Performance Climate - improving the critical factors that impact employee performance and morale.
  • Personal Style and Interpersonal Skills - communication, effectiveness, assertiveness building rapport, listening skills and effective nonverbal communication.
  • Leading and Managing Others - specific concepts, tools and techniques aimed at gauging the needs of associates and delivering the most effective form of leadership: Direction, Coaching, Conseling/Participating & Delegating - Situational Leadership.

In each area of focus, participants apply the training to their specific leadership challenges.  The workbook helps capture these commitments and actions, and participants get together with peers to share and consult with each other over their learning and action logs. 

Who Should Attend?

LSSD is a good fit for your leadership development if the following are important:

  • Motivating & engaging associates
  • Providing effective work instruction and direction-giving
  • Providing effective feedback: praise & correction
  • Enhancing the ability to coach and mentor, building others' confidence and skills
  • Increasing the ability to address and correct performance and conduct
  • Delegating effectively
  • Setting goals, objectives and using performance measures to full advantage
  • Adapting leadership behaviors to bring out the best in others
  • Improving conflict resolution and listening skills
  • Addressing difficult behaviors

Learn More

To learn more about LSSD, view this flyer written by Kelly Petrock, President of the LEAD Institute and LSSD instructor.  In the post, you can click through the link at the bottom of the page for additional background on LSSD.

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