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Lean Peer Groups

Helping Companies Develop a Lean Culture of Continuous Improvement Since 2012!

A Lean culture is not something that can simply be purchased from the outside; it must be built and developed from within your own organization.  The Maryland World Class Consortia's Lean Peer Groups will help you in this effort.  The peer group approach provides a proven unique and a powerful way to share experiences, leverage the power of support networks, learn from others, and accelerate your cultural transformation. 

The MWCC facilitates multiple Lean Peer Groups for Maryland organizations.  By joining, your leaders can design, refine and re-energize your Lean transformation strategy by networking with and learning from others in your region who are committed to developing a culture of continuous improvement in their organizations.  The Peer Group approach is proven effective in helping groups accelerate their Lean Journeys.

Our Lean Peer Groups will help you:

  • Assess your current condition
  • Gather information about other lean organizations and their experiences and information
  • Acquire new skills and techniques
  • Transform new information into action and results
  • Learn how to address your improvement opportunities

More information about our Lean Peer Groups is available in this document.

Interested in joining one our Lean Peer Groups?

We currently have active groups in:

We have hosted previous groups in:

Please contact Dave Rizzardo (717-855-0765) or Joyce La Padula (410-960-3785) if you have questions about the Lean Peer Group program, schedule, or regional locations.

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