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We partner with licensed affiliates for the Shingo Institute, as well as certified facilitators. The Shingo Institute is the home of the Shingo Prize, which is the equivalent of the noble peace prize for manufacturing companies. We can provide consulting services to help businesses prepare to win the Shingo Prize.

The Shingo Prize was established in 1988 as the standard of excellence to educate, assess and recognize organizations that achieve the highest level of world-class operational excellence around the globe. The philosophy of The Shingo Prize is that sustainable results are achieved through the application of universal, self-evident principles of operational excellence and the alignment of management systems and improvement techniques throughout an entire organization.

The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence is named for Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo who distinguished himself as one of the world’s leading experts in improving manufacturing processes. Dr. Shingo has been described as an “engineering genius” who helped create and write about many aspects of the revolutionary manufacturing practices which comprise the renowned Toyota Production System.

The Shingo Prize is administered by the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University.  The Maryland World Class Consortia is Maryland's official source for all information and support for The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence.

To gauge their pursuit of World Class performance, MWCC Standard Member organizations are required to conduct bi-annual self-assessments using the Shingo Prize Model and guidelines for assessment.  Members can receive support and advice from Consortia staff and consultants in using the Model and conducting their self-assessment.

Interested in applying for the Shingo Prize?

Please contact us, as we have experts ready that can help with you with your application.

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