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Virtual Leader BootCamp

  • April 21, 2020
  • May 15, 2020
  • Online offering only


  • Academic Track $900.00*

    ✦ Four (4) 120-minute online interactive learning events*.

    Register two leaders and get a third for free. We'll email you a code for the third registration. ($600.00 per person Academic Track.)
  • Full Track $1300.00.

    ✦ Four (4) 120-minute online interactive learning events.
    ✦ EQ Indicator and report.
    ✦ PDFs of learning event materials and application / learning exercises.
    ✦ Four (4) hosted and Moderated Coffee Chats

    Register two leaders and get a third for free. We'll email you a code for the third registration. ($870.00 per person Full Track)

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Virtual Leader BootCamp.

LeaderShift- Virtual Leader BootCamp. An online program to help leaders build the capability to flex and shift their leadership practice toward the remote workforce and virtual teams. 

Overview.  During this four week program, leaders learn and practice the fundamentals of leading a remote workforce and virtual teams. Participants learn through interactive on-line instruction, individual assignments and virtual collaboration.

Learning Units & Focus.

Becoming a Virtual Leader. In this learning unit, leaders take a holistic view of what the shift from terrestrial leadership to virtual leadership can entail. We discuss the challenges and changes they will encounter, the constants of leadership and motivation that should not change as well as the use of collaboration tools.

Emotional Intelligence & Virtual Leadership Effectiveness. Leaders can lose their "Mojo" in the shift from terrestrial to virtual leadership. Such a departure from the norm requires a heightened awareness of self, management of self and relationships. In this learning unit, participants gain insight into their EQ and develop strategies to be at their best while tackling unfamiliar challenges.

Virtual Meetings. Virtual meetings are less forgiving than in person meetings. In this learning unit, leaders will receive tools to help them prepare for successful virtual meetings, guidance and best practices on leading meetings, as well as tools to address difficult and derailing virtual meeting behaviors.

Virtual Teams. If teamwork makes the dream work, how can leaders recreate and carry this into the virtual world? In this learning unit, participants will learn about the different types of teams, redefine work flows to optimize virtual collaboration as well as learn how to get the best from their team.

Learning Process. Each of the above four learning units consists of three interdependent elements & experiences that take place over the course of one week. The week starts with a Learning Event and ends with a Cohort Coffee.

✦ On-line, Interactive, Zoom Learning Event- 120 min.

✦ Independent Application / Learning Exercise- 60 min

✦ Cohort Coffee— Online, interactive sharing of application / learning exercise- 45 min.

Participant leaders should expect to dedicate about 4 hours a week to the program.  An “academic” track is available, consisting of just the online learning event.

Outcomes & Benefits. Participating leaders benefit on three levels; through instruction, through application, and experientially by participating in this on-line, interactive program.

✦ Increased productivity and effectiveness as leaders shift toward leading remote workers and teams.

✦ Greater satisfaction and effectiveness of virtual workers and teams.

✦ Anticipate and proactively address their challenges to leading virtually.

This online program is led by our consulting partner, Kelly Petrock, President of the LEAD Institute. 

Buy Two, Get One Free!

If you buy (2) registrations, we'll send you a coupon code that can be used to register a third person for free! It will be applied to the same tier you registered for and must be used by someone at your same organization.

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